Does Georgia Football Have a Culture Problem? , Weighs In

As much as Georgia has taken college football by storm winning two straight national championships,

 it's also been on the receiving end of some unwelcome offseason headlines and one major tragedy.

Players have been in trouble with the law and one died, along with a recruiting staffer, in a fatal car accident since the end of the season.

Those troubles have led some analysts to start questioning if head coach Kirby Smart has lost control of his program's culture.

"I don't think Kirby Smart owes anyone an explanation," Finebaum said on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning.

"He did an interview the other day where he said he doesn't feel like they have a culture problem, and I believe him.

"I've read countless columns, blogs, Twitter posts over the last couple of days, 'Kirby Smart needs to clean up this culture problem.'

Finebaum added, "In the Jalen Carter case, he was warned by the policemen. Other players were speeding.


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