Potential portal targets that make sense for Clemson

Transfer portal season is here, and nearly every college football program is losing players to it.

But teams can also find replacements in the portal to help replenish their rosters.

 The Clemson Insider has already looked at a handful of positions that the Tigers could start with when targeting players in the portal after losing nine of their own since it officially opened Monday,

 but there could be even more that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney take a look at based on need and other circumstances.

With that in mind, based on players that have entered the portal as of Thursday, here are some potential targets that could help the Tigers next season:

OT Ajani Cornelius, Rhode Island Clemson will have to replace its best offensive lineman, left tackle Jordan McFadden, after this season. 

With freshmen Tristan Leigh and Blake Miller (who could theoretically move over from right tackle) already on the roster, the Tigers could have the answer internally.

If Swinney and his staff don’t think any of their in-house options are ready to take over at such a premier position up front, though,

 the Tigers will need to go to the portal for McFadden’s successor. And Cornelius is about as established of an option as there is there.


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