ESPN picks Michigan football freshman as best with particularly unique skill

Michigan football doesn’t have the most heralded 2023 recruiting class.

While there are a few big names — Jyaire Hill and Karmello English, particularly —

the Wolverines didn’t capitalize off of entering the College Football Playoff for two-straight years.

However, one particular freshman stands out to ESPN.

ESPN put together a list of 39 freshmen across college football that have a particularly unique skill.

($) While they might be skills held by many across the landscape,

these players are ESPN’s pick as the absolute best given said skill.

Of the 39 players picked, it’s Michigan football running back Cole Cabana ,

Cabana was injured in spring ball but is expected to be healthy either before or at some point during the season.

His compatriot in the backfield, fellow freshman Benjamin Hall, is getting accolades coming off of spring ball,

and along with Tavierre Dunlap and C.J. Stokes,

and along with Tavierre Dunlap and C.J. Stokes,


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