ESPN's playoff predictor has curious odds for Ohio State's chances of making the CFP

We know you are still likely wallowing in sorrow after the most Ohio State football defeat at the hands of Michigan.

 After dominating the rivalry for almost two decades, the tide appears to be turning — for now.

Despite the loss though, there is still a decent chance the Buckeyes can get into the College Football Playoff,

In fact, according to the ESPN playoff predictor, which we’ve followed from time to time here at Buckeyes Wire,

Ohio State has a better chance of making the playoff than the USC Trojans.

 the model suggests Ohio State has a better chance even if USC beats Utah in Friday night’s Pac-12 Championship game.

Aside from that, there are still some permutations that would get OSU into the final four teams if things break right.

Here’s how it all breaks down, with a start of the percentage chances of the top five teams

 making the playoff with all the favorites winning their conference championship games.


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