Ferrari Will Complete Its EV Factory By Mid-2024

Ferrari CEO Bendetto Vigna confirmed that the automaker intends to complete construction on an additional plant at Maranello specifically targeting electric vehicles by next June; says Bloomberg.

Vigna previously announced Ferrari’s intentions to become a carbon neutral company by 2030, with the new facility at Maranello playing a role in that lofty goal.

Known internally as the “e-building”, Ferrari intends to use the new facility to build components for hybridized internal-combustion and fully-electric vehicles,

 including motors, battery packs and inverters.

Ferrari will continue to develop its own powertrain components in the EV era, with specific goals surrounding industry-leading capacity and mass ratings.

Vigna also confirmed that the site will serve as the production base for the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle, with the plant aiming to be online by next summer.

The Ferrari EV won’t make its actual debut until the fourth quarter of 2025 however, with Vigna pointing towards volume production beginning in earnest in 2026.

It is thought that the upcoming EV model could be an SUV, following the Purosangue in expanding Ferrari’s segment reach.

Of course Ferrari will have plenty of need for EV components before that model arrives, as its lineup already contains the 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale hybrid lineups.

That mix is slated to increase over time as well, with Ferrari targeting a 60 percent EV and hybrid sales split by 2026.

The automaker intends to see that jump to 80 percent by 2030, with EVs and hybrids making up an equal share of that market.

That means we can all expect a number of new Ferrari models to arrive carrying some form of battery pack over the next few years.

The company was clear that it intends to retain some form of internal combustion vehicle on offer into the future however,

but we’ll have to wait and see what that looks like.


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