Final PFF Grades: Ranking Big Ten quarterbacks

The Big Ten season has come to a close.

Michigan won the Big Ten for the second straight season after defeating Purdue in the Big Ten Championship last Saturday.

Teams that were expected to be good this season — Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan State —

 all had down years and didn’t live up to expectations. While teams like Illinois and Purdue exceeded expectations.

The conference had some good quarterback play this season, and others were not very good.

The Big Ten season has come to a close.

Ohio State has C.J. Stroud in the Heisman race and a team like Iowa had a porous offense much because of its quarterback play.

In this article, we are going to rank the Big Ten quarterbacks by their passing grade from Pro Football Focus.

There are 16 quarterbacks ranked in this. We put two Minnesota,

 and Northwestern quarterbacks in because of how many starts each had this season.

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