Football Fans React To Chris Fowler's Performance Tonight

Fans aren't too pleased with Chris Fowler right now.

Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit are on the call for Saturday night's primetime game between the Buckeyes of Ohio State and Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Typically, Fowler and Herbstreit are the best in the business. But tonight, Fowler appears to be off his game.

"ND receiver makes an absolutely amazing, bobbling catch," said Andrew Marchand. "Chris Fowler: 'Is that intercepted?' What?"

"Does Chris Fowler have a pole blocking his view tonight or something?" wrote Jordan Strack.

"Can Chris Fowler not see the game? Calling a phantom touchdown and interception? I know these announcers are all Buckeyed up but cmon," said Tom Coyne.

"Is Chris Fowler watching this game?? That wasn't even close to intercepted," wrote Max Toscano.

"Chris Fowler trying to call this play by play with his eyes closed is pretty wild," said Jason Fonder.

"Chris Fowler thinking that one play was intercepted. I don’t think he’s bad but he’s sure due for one or two dumb moments every Saturday," wrote David Gough.

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