Postgame Press Conference - Head Coach James Franklin - Ohio State

Opening Statement I appreciate you all coming out and supporting Penn State football. 

First of all, you have to give Ohio State credit.

They're a really talented team.

I thought we played our tail off. In the first half, we were able to overcome the turnovers and stay in the game and battle.

But you can't turn the ball over that many times against that type of opponent and think you're going to be successful.

That is something we, for the most part, we have done a good job of this year, but we did not today.

I thought we played hard and did some really, really good things.

There's a ton of stuff to be proud of, but there's just as much stuff that we have to correct tomorrow.

There's a lot of corrections that we obviously have to make.

But, to me, the game starts and ends with the turnovers.

You can't give that type of team a short field that many times and be successful.

It's going to make it really challenging.

Q: James, what do you say to your sideline after those turnovers, or do you leave it up to your position coaches to talk to your players? How do you talk to Sean or someone like that?

A: That's not the time right there to critique them. They're feeling bad enough at the moment. You try to support them and move on to the next play. We'll make those corrections on Sunday.

Q: How would you describe the gap between Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State?

A: They got good football teams. We played really well against Ohio State today. We had a chance to win the game, but we made too many mistakes at critical moments, which you can't do against a top-ranked opponent like that.

Q: Going back to the fourth downs, the one that wasn't converted, what went into that decision to go for it instead of taking 35-yard field goal there?

A: Yeah, I think I kind of already covered that, you know, coming into this game, felt like we were going to have to score touchdowns to win the game. And, you know, I know obviously the focus is on the one we missed, but I think people liked the three that we made.

Q: How would you assess Sean's performance? Do you expect more from him than to turn it over four times?

A: I thought he played gutsy and made some big-time plays, but he can't have the turnovers.

I don't know if the one was necessarily his fault. It was a pressure and a strip sack.

The other ones, whether we left the ball inside or whether he has to find the throwing lane around really athletic long defensive ends.

I thought he played gutsy.

He did some really good things, but there's some things that we have to get cleaned up too.


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