Former NFL exec: Panthers underpaid for 2023 draft’s No. 1 pick

Admit it, Carolina Panthers fans. You kinda freaked out right after seeing what your team sent to the Chicago Bears for the 2023 draft’s first overall pick.

And, honestly, we can’t blame you if you did.

Not only did the Panthers pony up with two first-round picks and two second-round picks,

but they also parted ways with their best skill position player in wideout DJ Moore. We know, it hurts.

But maybe Joe Banner can make you feel better . . .

Banner, the former longtime president of the Philadelphia Eagles,

 and former CEO of the Cleveland Browns, also went a bit in-depth on Moore.

That quality starter was actually the only wide receiver to record at least 1,200 yards,

 from scrimmage in every season from 2019 to 2021.

Does Banner, however, have a point on Moore—who has never even been selected to a Pro Bowl in his five-year career.


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