Greg McElroy addresses Nick Saban's comments about last season's Playoff selections

Greg McElroy took on the most talked about comments this week in college football after Nick Saban made waves about last year’s College Football Playoff selections.

“When they told me we’d be favored against 3 of the 4 teams that got in the Playoff, I’m like, ‘Well, why aren’t we in the Playoff,’” Saban said in an interview with Joel Klatt.

McElroy believes the CFP selection process is too vague to begin with, so it’s difficult to even assess whether Saban is right or wrong.

“If the committee would just come out and stop saying ‘4 best teams,’ it’s not the 4 best teams, it’s never been the 4 best teams, it’s the 4 most deserving teams,” he said.

“Everyone can live with that. Basically, you become ‘deserving’ based on how you play in the regular season.

I think we just need to put this 4 best teams to bed. It’s the 4 teams they can most easily justify.”

McElroy added that there are only a few examples of deserving teams being left out, such as 2014 TCU, or 2016 Penn State.


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