Greg McElroy discusses how Alabama should strongly consider bringing back Jeremy Pruitt

Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy joined “The Paul Finebaum Show” and discussed the Crimson Tide’s 2022 season.

McElroy mentioned he would consider having former Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt rejoining Alabama’s coaching staff under Nick Saban.

Pruitt served as Alabama’s defensive coordinator (2016-17), defensive backs coach (2010-12) and director of player development (2007-09) under Saban.

“I think the issue is more with the coaching staff as much as it is with the players,” McElroy told Finebaum of Alabama.

“The players, look you shoulder some of the blame for sure, but I do get the sense, a little bit that,

and I’ve talked to coaches throughout college football that have either been in Tuscaloosa or have a good understanding of what goes on in Tuscaloosa,

or you know, are close personal friends of the program or whatever.

I’ve talked to people all over the place and there is a lot of people that feel like Nick Saban and the staff right there,

and currently in Tuscaloosa, the staff that’s currently there, doesn’t really understand necessarily the principles and the foundation,

the bedrocks of the foundation from which the program was built on.

“I think it’d be really beneficial to evaluate at the end of the season your coaching staff,

and then evaluate who are some guys that helped build this thing from the beginning back in 2007?

Joe Pendry is retired, okay, but you know, there’s a handful of other guys that are still out there coaching.

Whether it be Bo Davis, who’s currently serving as a defensive line coach in Texas,

whether it be Jeremy Pruitt, who, of course, was the head coach —

and as far as I know, I don’t believe he has a show cause — the head coach of Tennessee.

I don’t know, you would know that circumstance better than me,

but if he’s available, he would be someone I would strongly consider bringing in.”

Next is Pruitt’s coaching timeline in the Power Five as a coordinator or head coach.

2020: Tennessee head coach 2019: Tennessee head coach 2018: Tennessee head coach

2017: Alabama defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach

2016: Alabama defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach

2015: Georgia defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach

2014: Georgia defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach 2013: Florida State defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach