Why Greg Schiano believes Michigan has 'one of the better outfits in America' on offense.

Then 8-0 Michigan Wolverines will hit the road this weekend for the third time this season.

The maize and blue will take a trip east to Piscataway to take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

The Scarlet Knights have a 4-4 record this season. Rutgers started out 3-0 before losing three games in a row.

The Scarlet Knights are 1-1 in the last two games, winning against Indiana and getting shutout against Minnesota.

The Wolverines lead the series against Rutgers, 7-1. Michigan has won seven-straight games against the Scarlet Knights.

The last time the maize and blue traveled to Piscataway was in 20202 and Michigan won 48-42 in triple overtime.

Greg Schiano had his weekly press conference on Monday and he had plenty to say about the upcoming game with Michigan.

He talked about the Wolverines’ run game, who will get the start at quarterback for Rutgers, and much more.

Q. Who will start against Michigan on Saturday? A. No, Gavin (Wimsatt) is going to be our starter.

On what he wants to see from his young players in the next four games I’m not really looking at the four games, I’m looking at this one game. It’s real dangerous to start looking past anything. 

What I look for, you know, a lot of people say, well, that’s coach speak like, and people like more exciting stuff but if it’s true, it’s not coach speak, it’s how I do it.

Right now, I’m totally focused on game planning Michigan because that’s what we do on Mondays and totally focused with meeting with my leadership counsel.

Those are the things that I really focus on because that’s what’s here right now.

And you know, we have a saying around here: The journey is the destination.

The world isn’t made like that, right. The world is, you’ve got to get to that spot.

I really believe what we are doing today is really that spot and doing the best you can and that may sound corny, that may sound coach speak but I give everybody a little advice.

It’s kind of a good way to roll. That’s the way we do it.

That’s what we are on right now is how do we get better today and those are the only things we can control.

Tomorrow we’ll have a Tuesday practice, and that will be the only thing we control.


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