Hailee Steinfeld is A Huge Part of the Marvel Universe Right Now

While being a part of the Transformers universe is one thing, Hailee Steinfeld is currently appearing in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,

in which she voices Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Woman. Having already taken on the role of Kate Bishop in Hawkeye -

a role she is expected to reprise in the future as part of a Young Avengers project – this joins her with other stars to have played two different roles in the Marvel franchise.

However, recently she was asked if she would like to also bring Gwen into a live-action movie, to which she gave an emphatic yes. She said on the subject:

It has already been confirmed that a Miles Morales live-action movie is in development, and Spider-Woman could well be part of that.

The real question is whether there is enough of a disconnect between Sony’s Spider-Man offerings and the MCU for Steinfeld to be a live-action part of both.

“That’s an interesting question. To answer the second part of your question, I generally thought that you would make things bigger in animation,

but in this film and with these characters, there’s a lot of importance on being grounded and being real and feeling authentic.

There may have been a time where I felt the need to overcompensate because it wasn’t live-action. It wasn’t me doing the thing.

So I felt like in order for you to feel it on the other end, I had to go bigger, but I very quickly realized that there’s no need for that.

With everything that’s going on and all the different animation styles and the music being such a huge part and the score being so moving, all I had to do was feel as real in the material as possible.

So, would I deliver the lines differently in live-action? That’s such an interesting thing.

I imagine if they’re coming from the same place, it would feel similar, but with some physicality added in there, it would inherently be different.”


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