Hailee Steinfeld’s Return Would Have Made Bumblebee’s Death More Emotional

If Steinfeld's absence in Rise of the Beasts wasn't sad enough,

it's obvious that Bumblebee's death would have been far more emotional had she been there to witness his demise.

Regardless of his resurrection in the movie's third act, the loss would have made a much bigger impact.

Likewise, there was plenty of room for Steinfeld as well, seeing as how Rise of the Beasts only had two leading human actors with Ramos' Noah Diaz and Dominique Fishback as Elena Wallace.

Noah was primarily connected with the Autobot Mirage while Elena had a connection to the Maximal Airazor.

Ignoring the 7-year time jump (which isn't much of an obstacle),

Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie could have easily been there to grieve the loss of Bumblebee while also being overjoyed by his return in the film's third act.

All things considered, It would have certainly made the arc even stronger in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Here's hoping Steinfeld returns in a sequel to Rise of the Beasts.


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