Half of BYU's Starters Could be Transfers in 2023

One thing was clear after BYU's 2022 season: the Cougars needed more talent and depth for their first season in the Big 12.

The BYU coaching staff primarily turned to the transfer portal to address roster needs for the 2023 season.

 Since the end of the last season, BYU has added 21 transfers to the roster.  

BYU's transfer class ranks 20th nationally and third in the Big 12.

Thanks to the transfers, BYU's depth is in a much better position today than it was six months ago.

The Cougars still need to finish adding players for next season, so even though a few more bodies could be added before August,

we have a really good feel for what BYU's roster will look like come Fall camp.

While projecting the depth chart for next season, the sheer number of transfers in the two-deep stands out.

There's a reasonable scenario where half (or more) of BYU's 22 starters could be transfers this season.

Keep in mind - that number excludes one-time transfers like Kingsley Suamatai who were on the roster last season.

Half sounds like a lot on the surface, and it is. Especially when you consider the history of transfers in college football.

Starting as many as 11 transfers is a possibility today that didn't existent even a few years ago.

 As of this writing, eight transfers have either been named starters already or are very, very likely to start in week one for BYU


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