Has NBA YoungBoy Signed A $60 Mil Deal With Birdman

Did NBA YoungBoy sign with Cash Money Records? There’s some heavy rumors going on. As you already know,

NBA YoungBoy has been looking for a deal, and it looks like he might be going all the way to the bank with an iconic record label that started in the late 1990s.

Cash Money Records! This is the home that Birdman built.

As you already know NBA YoungBoy is a bit of a Teflon Don, when we thought he was going down, he managed to beat a Fed case. And now, he is back to business as an artist.

The Word on the street is that he has signed a $60 million deal with Birdman.

This almost sounds like an insanely high number, but you start looking at the numbers attached to other artists like a little dirk and then you realize it isn’t as high as previously thought.

Durk reportedly made a $40 million label deal, really solidifying his hot streak.

Now, it’s just a question of if this is true. One thing is for certain, NBA YoungBoy said that he wants $100 million, and reportedly turned down a deal for $25 million with Atlantic records.

This sounds crazy, but it looks like he knows his worth. Birdman and NBA YoungBoy have worked on music in the past, last year they dropped a mixtape.

And recently Birdman had some positive words to say about his young counterpart.

In an interview with the Big Facts podcast, Stunna said, “Ain’t no n*gga gone be bigger than NBA YoungBoy, numbers don’t lie, he’s the biggest YouTube artist and he behind the wall.

When that lil’ boy get his mind right and he comes from under this bulls*ht and understands who he is, you know, Thug and all them, they’re up in age, they’re 30, this n*gga 20.

And you put a n*gga behind the wall, they become smart.”

If this happens, I am definitely interested in the details of the deal. Deals like this don’t just come and go.

Most of the times they have some benchmarks to hit, start options, and even merch looped in. We shall see.

Who did NBA YoungBoy signed a deal with? The Baton Rouge rapper has signed a deal with Motown, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

In the past, YoungBoy was notably critical of Atlantic, using social media to caution other artists against signing with them.

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