Best Twitter roasts of the Iowa offense vs. Ohio State

Coming into the matchup between Ohio State and Iowa on Saturday, all the talk surrounded the poor Hawkeye offense and its stout defense.

The side of the ball responsible for putting up resistance against teams scoring points didn’t disappoint in the second half, but Iowa’s offense was just as bad as advertised.

And social media — most notably Twitter — wasn’t going to let the Iowa offense off the hook.

All told, the Hawkeyes turned the ball over six times, failed to score an offensive touchdown, got sacked five times, and could only muster 158 yards of total offense.

Twitter users were quick, decisive, and cruel as the game unfolded and we have some of the best Twitter roasts delivered for your consumption.

We love the Iowa program,

but why not have a little fun at its expense this one time since we had to hold in a beatdown at the hands of the Hawkeyes five years ago?

Iowa after having the lead for 5 minutes against Ohio State

If Iowa can keep its offense off the field, they’ve got a shot today

Iowa Qbs are bad and that’s being extremely nice.

Iowa has to make a QB change. I don't care how good he is in practice.

Are the Bucks ready for Iowa?!

Iowa football

Best part of Iowa scoring a defensive touchdown is that you don’t have to watch the Iowa offense again

Interception already…

I don't know how the Iowa defense doesn't fight the Iowa offense.


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