Is this why Michigan football co-OC Matt Weiss is under investigation?

Reports indicated on Tuesday evening that Michigan football co-offensive coordinator,

 and quarterbacks coach Matt Weiss is under investigation for what campus police are calling ‘computer crimes.’

 But with that being a vague term, it’s left little explanation as to what he is being investigated about from a public standpoint.

Computer crimes can range from hacking to more nefarious allegations,

thus Weiss’ administrative leave raised more questions than it answered.

That is the date of the report, yet The Detroit News report indicates the alleged crime took place on Dec. 21-23.

 Though the discrepancy could be as simple as the day of the alleged crime vs. the day of the report,

the described incident matches what is being alleged of Weiss via the various reports.

An employee reported fraudulent activity involving someone accessing university emails accounts without authorization.

Upon further investigation, It was found that a crime may have been committed.


Michigan football coach suspended due to alleged 'computer crimes'