Kicker Kombat: Jake Moody continues to dominate

The San Francisco 49ers have had a few more practices, so it’s probably time to return to Kicker Kombat

and see how third round pick and friend of Punterville, Jake Moody is doing in his Kompetion with Zane Gonzalez.

I say “Kompetition” loosely, as there isn’t much of one. Unless Moody were to take a dive, he’s going to be there on the sole reason the 49ers burned a 3rd rounder.

But despite draft positioning, he’s looked good. Like really good.

Dude is ballin—errr...” Kicking.” Reports from Tuesday’s practice indicate he was not only booting kicks through the uprights.

He was drilling them with plenty of yards to spare. The big one was a 60-yarder that had plenty of distance to keep going.

He went 5-6 on the day, making kicks of 33, 38, 48, 53 and 60 yards. The sole miss was a 43-yarder.

And here’s a video of that leg. On Monday, he was perfect, nailing 38, 48 and 55-yarders.

We haven’t talked about that sole miss, the 43-yarder and being honest? We probably don’t need to. Misses aren’t as frequent as those bombs he’s driving.

While Gonzalez was perfect Tuesday with 38, 48, and 57-yarders, Jake Moody is materializing into the kicker.

Despite not winning Tuesday with a Flawless Victory, Moody will have enough leg (and minimal salary cap space) to be the guy for a few years.

The one thing to bring up though is we need to see him on game day.

Roberto Aguayo came with a lot of pedigree, which is why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers burned a second rounder on him.


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