Joel Klatt reveals new top-five team rankings

The night isn’t even complete for the entire top-10 in the college football rankings but Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt apparently couldn’t wait as he’s already released his new top-five even with USC and Arizona State being at halftime.

Klatt announced the Michigan-Iowa game on Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff, a game the Wolverines were in control of from the get-go.

After Georgia had to comeback late in order to escape Missouri with a win however,

Klatt released his new top-five a bit early as he declared that Georgia couldn’t remain the top team following two unimpressive showings despite winning.

Here is who Klatt ranked in his new top-five.  

He says he’ll release his new top-10 after the USC game concludes, and we’ll get that posted afterwards, too.4

5. Georgia No. 5: Georgia Result:  26-22 win at Missouri

4. Clemson No. 4 Clemson Result: 30-20 win vs. North Carolina State

3. Michigan No. 3 Michigan Result: 28-13 win at Iowa

2. Alabama No. 2 Alabama Result: 49-26 win at Arkansas

1. Ohio State No. 1 Ohio State Result: 49-10 win vs. Rutgers


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