Joel Klatt reveals preseason 2023 college football top 10

There’s one man who has his finger on the pulse of college football more than any other,

and he has weighed in on who he thinks the best teams in the sport will be just weeks away before the 2023 season kicks off.

Fox Sports’ premier color commentator Joel Klatt keeps himself busy in the offseason with his podcast, launched last year.

 With the season set to begin in earnest in less than a month,

Klatt shared who he thinks the top teams in college football will be, having dropped a top 10 on X, the app formerly known as Twitter.

Here is who he has as well as some of our preseason thoughts on each.

10. Florida State Seminoles 2022 record: 10-3 9. Clemson Tigers 2022 record: 11-3

8. USC Trojans 2022 record: 11-3 7. LSU Tigers 2022 record: 10-4

6. Washington Huskies 2022 record: 11-2 5. Penn State Nittany Lions 2022 record: 11-2

4. Alabama Crimson Tide 2022 record: 11-2 3. Ohio State Buckeyes 2022 record: 11-2

2. Michigan Wolverines 2022 record: 13-1 1. Georgia Bulldogs 2022 record: 15-0


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