John Mara sends letter to season-ticket holder who complained about night games

Yes, people still send letters. A season-ticket holder recently sent one to Giants co-owner John Mara, with a complaint about the team having three night games on the 2023 home slate.

Mara, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, sent the customer a letter of his own.

“I have your letter and I certainly understand your disdain for night games,” wrote Mara, who told Schwartz that he tries to respond to every letter he receives.

“I don’t like them either! On the other hand, if your team is playing most of its games at 1:00PM it usually means you are not doing very well.

“In any event, I hope we give you enough of a reason to want to attend our games in person regardless of what time they are scheduled.”

The letter is dated May 20, 2023, roughly a week after the league office twisted arms and rammed through a Thursday night flexing procedure that Mara publicly opposed as “abusive” to fans.

Last week, images emerged of the Giants replacing the Big Shield logo at midfield of MetLife Stadium with an NY logo.

Maybe that’s a coincidence. Maybe there are no coincidences.

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