Johnny Manziel net worth 2023

Johnny Manziel is an American football quarterback who has a net worth of $7 Million USD.

Johnny Manziel has a player in National Football League, and Canadian Football League, and currently, he is playing in Fan Control Football.

Johnny started playing football at a very young age. He was also associated with baseball, but he never continued in that.

Johnny won several awards and accolades in his school and University, which helped him a lot. In 2014, he was drafted into NFL by Cleveland Browns.

Johnny became the finest football quarterback in no time, as he possessed a dual threat because of his skills. Currently, Johnny Manziel has been playing with FCF Zappers since 2021.

Johnny Manziel is a very successful footballer in America. He has done an exemplary job in high school and also in his college.

His early performance helped him a lot in getting chosen for NFL. He has played for various teams and has also played a few seasons in CFL.

In all this time, Johnny has gathered immense popularity and his fanbase is quite big. He has also garnered a decent net worth from his career, which currently accounts for $7 million.


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