Jonathan Taylor Situation Is a Mess of Jim Irsay’s Making

One can only hope the Colts will have an addendum to their media schedule at some point this week featuring another press conference by owner Jim Irsay.

 One can only assume that Irsay will continue to let the people who work for him clean up this mess.

While this was the anticipated outcome, it highlights the absolute ridiculous series of events that have brought us here, and the unnecessary burden the Colts have placed on a new staff.

Irsay committed one unforced error after another, displaying a wanton disregard for the mood of a locker room that first-year, first-time head coach Shane Steichen is trying to break in.

This is a critical culture-setting period in which everything a staff does is eyed by the skeptical players who have already been through a pinball machine of absurdity.

At least this coach, they’ll tell themselves, was not hired in the middle of the season off some television show.

How do you make sure players know that they’re cared for when the owner says: “If I die tonight and Jonathan Taylor is out of the league, no one’s gonna miss us.”

How do you dangle the carrot for any other player in the locker room who hopes to one day take care of his family and future generations when your most valuable offensive player is sitting on ice?

 How do you extend another player without then offending a hive of players inevitably close to Taylor?


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