Josh Allen: Are the Giants really a New York team?

Ever since the New York Giants and New York Jets began playing their home games in East Rutherford, New Jersey decades ago,

they have been the target of potshots from critics who nitpick that they should not be called ‘New York’ teams.

The truth of the matter is, MetLife Stadium is 7.8 miles from Times Square. Yankee Stadium, where the Giants played their home games from 1956-73, is 9.9 miles from Times Square.

Shea Stadium, the Jets’ former home and where the Giants played their last home game in New York in 1975, was 10.5 miles from midtown Manhattan.

Now that you know the facts, let’s get to the latest ‘diss,’ which comes from Buffalo Bills superstar quarterback Josh Allen,

a 27-year-old Northern California native who played his college ball at Wyoming.

“I’m going to say it, I have to say it. Are there three teams in New York?” Allen kidded in a recent interview with Complex,

discussing his likeness being used on the cover of the popular video game Madden 24.

“Yeah, it is cool. And I know the whole state, I know basically east of Syracuse is probably all Giants and Jet fans.

I think Bills Mafia’s got a nice little group over there, too. I know Western New York’s excited. We’re anxious to get the season underway.

There’s a lot of work to do before that, but we’re looking forward to playing some football here.”

Allen has played six games at MetLife Stadium since entering the league in 2018.

There is no possible way, no matter which direction you come from by bus, that one can miss the Manhattan skyline on the way to the stadium.


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