Josh Allen Gets the Same Treatment as Daniel Ricciardo’s Girlfriend as Fans Bow Down to the Bromance

Even though Daniel Ricciardo is known to be a flamboyant character in the Formula 1 paddock, not much is known about his relationship with his girlfriend, Heidi Berger.

Although the two made their relationship public via a photo dump in August last year, they have still been low-key about it.

However, the same does not seem to be the case between Ricciardo and American football quarterback Josh Allen.

The Australian has publicly referred to Allen as his man crush.

Ricciardo made this remark while appearing on the Pardon My Take podcast earlier this year.

“I gotta get this one out there! We’re both very comfortable saying, we’re both each other’s man crush,” explained the 33-year-old in that instance.

Ricciardo recently put up a photo dump on his Instagram handle, where he seemingly added images of himself and all the people that are close to him.

While most of the images in this photo dump featured him, it also contained images of Berger, Allen and former McLaren teammate Lando Norris, among others.

These pictures seem to suggest the kind of bond that Ricciardo shares with all of them.

F1 fans react to Daniel Ricciardo’s photo dump While most F1 fans were excited to see Daniel Ricciardo put up another post about Lando Norris,

there were also some such as Nolan Cooper who noticed the Australian’s image with Josh Allen.


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