Notre Dame football Thoughts after Justin Scott chooses Ohio State

On Sunday afternoon a bit of a shock wave went across the college football world as five-star defensive tackle Justin Scott of Chicago announced his commitment to Ohio State.  

There had been rumblings of his interest with Michigan but seemingly nobody had him going to Ohio State. Or at least we thought.

The more we learn the more it feels that down the stretch Notre Dame might have been included on Scott’s lists but that the interest just didn’t seem to be there.

When something goes wrong you have to examine why if you’re going to fix the issue.  

In trying to fix this miss you have to go back to January.

Back in the cool months of January, Justin Scott was fresh off an unofficial visit to Notre Dame.

Things seemed to have gone really well.  So well in fact, Scott was projected to commit to Notre Dame.

However, when you verbally commit to Notre Dame you’re not supposed to take visits to other programs.  

That kept Scott from committing at that time.  Looking back, it has me thinking about the movie “Top Gun”.


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