Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and Wife Julie Hampton’s Relationship Timeline

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins had a big year in 2012 — he both joined the NFL and met his future wife, Julie Hampton.

Shortly after beginning his pro career with the Washington Commanders (then called the Redskins), Cousins met Hampton through a mutual family friend.

After less than two years of dating, Cousins popped the question, and the pair tied the knot in June 2014.

“I didn’t want a long engagement at all,” Cousins explained to The Washington Post in December 2013, shortly after giving Hampton a ring.

“But obviously she needs time to prepare and have the wedding she wants and has dreamed about.

But I think it’ll just be fun to have family all together in one place for a day. And I just want her to be happy and think positively on it for years to come.”

Since their wedding, the couple — who share sons Cooper and Turner — have devoted their spare time to charity as cofounders of the Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation,

which works with organizations including Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the International Justice Mission.

The duo are also animal lovers and have fostered a number of dogs over the years. In 2019, they adopted a Labradoodle named Abe,

who quickly became a beloved member of the family.

 “We had tried out all different breeds and sizes and we had fun with that. But we still could not really agree with what kind we both liked,”

Hampton explained in a 2022 interview published on the Vikings’ website. “But Abe is awesome.”

July 2023 The couple appeared in Netflix’s docuseries Quarterback, which also featured Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Atlanta Falcons QB Marcus Mariota.


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