Know your foe, BYU: Which Cougars could give Notre Dame problems

The Irish are back on the field this weekend and it’s an unfamiliar turf. They will travel out to Las Vegas,

the city that never sleeps, to take on BYU for another rendition of the Shamrock Series.

Marcus Freeman and his team are favorites on the road against a ranked Cougar squad.

 They have plenty of playmakers so we will look at a few who aren’t topping their statistical data.

 Here are five other BYU Cougars who could give the Irish problems on Saturday night.

Wide receiver Kody Epps Although he isn’t the teams yardage leader, Epps does lead the receivers with 21 receptions on the season. He has caught three of those for touchdown, showing that even though Keanu Hill is quarterback Jaren Hall’s

Wide receiver Kody Epps explosive playmaker, it’s really Epps he looks to as his security blanket. Since the Irish secondary has had some struggles this fall, look for Epps to try and make his mark during the action.

Linebacker Ben Bywater The Cougars leading tackler also has a few other very impressive stats so far early this season. Bywater also has a sack, deflected a pass and has intercepted two so far. He’s all over the field for BYU,

Linebacker Ben Bywater so Drew Pyne will have to know where Bywater is lined up before every snap. He has the capability of being extremely disruptive for an offense and could rack up plenty of tackles and big plays come game time.

Running back Miles Davis Of the running back group, it’s Davis that has the longest carry of the year, a 70-yarder against Wyoming, and he leads the team in yards-per-carry. Yes, he’s just a freshman, but Davis is a very solid change of pace for Christopher Brooks.

Running back Miles Davis Davis very well could be a game-time decision as he was a bit banged up. Both of them are bigger backs, so when the Cougars aren’t trying to pick up chunk yards through the air, they’ll be pounding the ground game with these two bruisers.

Linebacker Max Tooley This group of linebackers has been very impressive as we have already highlighted Bywater’s exploits, but Tooley has plenty of game as well. Second on the team in tackles, a sack and two picks this season. 

Linebacker Max Tooley The difference from Bywater is that Tooley has been cashing in those interceptions by putting points on the board. Both of them have been pick-6’s, something you don’t see linebackers doing often. 

Linebacker Max Tooley They excel in coverage and have clearly been schemed to be able to make plays often for the Cougars.

Defensive lineman John Nelson The team leader in sacks, Nelson isn’t a tackling machine, but he still manages to make plays. With the Irish offensive line struggling a bit this season, someone on the BYU line could benefit from it. 

Nelson could very well be that guy, especially considering he plays on the interior and that is where the Irish have had their biggest problems.


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