Lane Kiffin backs up Nick Saban, trolls Jimbo Fisher's offseason comment

Jimbo Fisher was at the top of the college world this offseason as Texas A&M posted the best recruiting class in history.

Fisher then found himself to be the center of attention when he got into a war of words with Nick Saban,

and Lane Kiffin regarding the use of name, image, likeness (NIL).

Now, Fisher finds himself near the bottom of the SEC as his Aggies fell to Ole Miss and Kiffin 31-28 on Saturday night dropping them to 3-5 on the year.

Saban and Kiffin put some heat on Fisher for how he landed such an elite recruiting class after a lackluster on-the-field performance in 2021.

Fisher took to the podium where he called both Saban and Kiffin clowns among other various claims,

and Kiffin did not forget. And he is petty.

After the Ole Miss victory, Kiffin made some jokes about dressing up for Halloween as the Joker since Fisher called him a clown.

While on the surface it’s all jokes, it is personal to both Saban and Kiffin and they definitely didn’t forget Jimbo’s comments.

Lane Kiffin on Jimbo Fisher calling him and Nick Saban clowns during the offseason: “You take that personal. Glad we won. “I guess I can be a clown for Halloween now.”

“Maybe Jimbo has a Joker outfit for me.”


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