Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch have both faced Tulane before

If you didn’t know this already, you know it now: Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch have both coached against Tulane,

 its current head coach, and its current quarterback. Yes, this really did happen.

On Sept. 4, 2021, Tulane and Oklahoma opened the college football regular season in a game originally scheduled to be played in New Orleans.

A hurricane moved the game to Norman, Okla. Riley went up against Willie Fritz. Alex Grinch tried to contain Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt.

 However, Oklahoma hit the snooze bar and relaxed in the second half.

The Sooners scored just three points after halftime. Tulane posted 21 points.

Tulane had a 4th and 1 in Oklahoma territory. Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch were sweating in a game they previously led by 23.

Oklahoma was able to get a fourth-down stop and survive,

but the game revealed Alex Grinch’s inconsistency as a defensive coordinator, and the tendency for Lincoln Riley-coached teams to let opponents back into games.


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