Lincoln Riley's handling of assistant Roy Manning shows attention to certain detail

On The Riley Files, Oklahoma insider Kegan Reneau said that Roy Manning did not develop the Sooners’ cornerbacks, especially well under Alex Grinch.

It is therefore notable that Manning is coaching linebackers at USC.

“There was a lot of angst about Roy Manning after he left, because he was doing all the videos and the corners weren’t developing.

It was one of the worst positions on the field,” Reneau said. “They (OU fans) did like Alex Grinch at the end of his time. I get why.

“I personally think Oklahoma had very few weak links on staff.

I think you hear from OU fans that they’ve upgraded everywhere (under new coach Brent Venables).

I don’t think that’s true. Lincoln Riley’s in the equation as an offensive coordinator.

It’s a downgrade regardless. At defensive coordinator, if you want to give Brent Venables the DC title, they probably upgraded there.

On the corners (cornerbacks), they’re right, though.

“The corners just did not develop the last two to three years, and you look at Alex Grinch’s position at safeties, the guys that they had recruited.

OU fans called all of Mike Stoops guys.

They gave him a lot of hell over that. But Tre Norwood and Tre Brown and Kenneth Murray and all those guys seemed to develop and play well under Grinch.

Then it’s the guys that they were recruiting, the Joshua Eatons and the Bryson Washingtons of the world that were heralded recruits at the time.

They just were not seeing playing time early in their careers at OU for whatever reason.”

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