Lions unveil new blue helmet

The Lions have an alternate helmet. It’s very retro, but it’s not a throwback.

They’ve unveiled a Honolulu Blue helmet with a logo that seems to be inspired by the logo used by the classic Ford Mustang,

with a silver lion profile in front of a pair of vertical bars, one blue and one silver.

The team explains the logo was designed to celebrate the team’s 90th season,

and that the “classic logo” pays tribute to the team’s heritage.

It will have a matte gray face mask and be worn only with the team’s all-gray alternate uniform.

It’s different. It’s new. It will be an acquired taste that many will simply refuse to acquire.

It’s the first time in decades, if ever, that the Lions opted for something other than a silver helmet.

Which, given the team’s chronic struggles, could be a good thing.

Sort of like Costanza doing the opposite after realizing that everything he has ever done hasn’t worked.


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