Longest field goal in college football history: From 2022 to Ove Johansson’s NCAA record

At a time when kickers in the NFL are showing off more power than ever before, no one at the collegiate level is coming close to kicking the longest field goal in college football history.

There were a handful of field-goal conversions from 65-plus yards in the late 1970s, with some even happening in the same month.

Fast forward to the longest field goals in college football this year and the distances look very different.

Consider that in the last five years, only four kickers have made a field-goal attempt from at least 60 yards out.

While one specialist came within a few yards of the record in 2022, it seems evident the record held by Ove Johansson will be safe for a while.

Longest field goal in college football this year : Only one kicker in college football has converted a field goal from 60-plus yards out this season. During the entire 2022 regular season, 

there have been 62 field goals made from 50-plus yards out. Here are the longest field goals in college football 2022, courtesy of TeamRankings.

61 yards – Joshua Karty, Stanford Cardinal 59 yards – Jake Moody, Michigan Wolverines

56 yards – Dominik Zvada, Arkansas State and Harrison Mevis, Missouri Longest field goal in CFP National Championship game – 52 yards – B.T. Potter

Longest field goal in college football 2022 61 – Joshua Karty, Stanford Cardinal 56 – Dominic Zvada, Arkansas State Red Wolves 56 – Harrison Mevis, Missouri Tigers

55 – John Hoyland, Wyoming Cowboys 55 – Jesus Gomez, Eastern Michigan Eagles 55 – Nathaniel Vakos, Ohio Bobcats

54 – Andre Szmyt, Syracuse Orange 54 – Jake Moody, Michigan Wolverines 54 – Noe Ruelas, Connecticut Huskies


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