Longest Super Bowl Defensive Touchdown (100 Yards)

The Pittsburgh Steelers were leading the Arizona Cardinals 10-7 with 18 seconds remaining before halftime of Super Bowl XLIII,

but the Cardinals had the ball at the Pittsburgh 1-yard line with plans to punch in the go-ahead score.

They had no timeouts left, but the worst-case scenario (so they thought) was three incomplete passes followed by a game-tying chip shot for Neil Rackers.

Kurt Warner dropped back on first down and stared down his intended target, Anquan Boldin, before delivering a slant pass in his direction.

What Warner didn't see, however, was that James Harrison—a pass-rusher who had 16 sacks in 2008 and only three interceptions to that point in his career—

had dropped back into zone coverage and read the route perfectly to pick it off at the goal line.

Harrison then took off on a 100-yard race up the sideline. Deshea Townsend—who initially appeared to be trying to get Harrison to hand him the ball—

blocked Warner from making the tackle at the Pittsburgh 30.

LaMarr Woodley took Tim Hightower out of the play at the Arizona 30.

And by the time Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston finally got their hands on Harrison, it was too late.

They tackled him into the end zone, giving the Steelers a two-score lead at the break.

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