LOOK: Michigan football clowning while waiting for College Football Playoff reveal

I’m going to do a rare first-person account here,

because I am literally sitting a room over from where this happened.

As we in the media contingent are sitting in the same Indianapolis Marriott as the team, albeit a room over,

eagerly awaiting the announcement of where (Vrbo Fiesta Bowl) and who (TCU) Michigan football is playing,

ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski was in the room with the players —

and it turns out some of the players were having a bit of fun during his live report.

As Wojciechowski was reporting, Michael Barrett, Kris Jenkins, Eyabi Okie,

and a few other guests joined in on the fun in the background,

completely usurping everything Wojciechowski said.

We in the media room could not hear a word Wojciechowski said.

Jim Harbaugh called his team happy warriors,

and they’re assuredly they’re showing it.