Michigan football announces 2022 year-end team awards

Michigan football has at least one game left in the 2022 season:

The College Football Playoff semifinal against TCU in the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl is Dec. 31. However, there’s another order of business to attend to.

For nearly a century, the program held the annual football banquet to give out the coveted M rings to the seniors and bestow the year-end awards upon the team.

In 2018, that tradition was changed from a banquet in Livonia to an awards ceremony at Crisler Center.

But when COVID-19 hit in 2020, even that became a casualty.

On Sunday, the Michigan football program announced its award winners via Twitter. You can see the winners below.

Scout team players of the year https://twitter.com/UMichFootball/status/1604537395436609538?s=20&t=DjRMhJr6ZinM6Tdgo3oHNQ

Rookies of the year https://twitter.com/UMichFootball/status/1604538323866767361?s=20&t=O3tec1c3bBznyGRh2IjgQw


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