Michigan football defender makes transfer commitment

Among those who have opted to transfer from Michigan football, this is among the quietest.

Yet, it’s one of the most logical decisions, in a way.

Once a four-star recruit and a dual-athlete from Germany,

Wolverines defensive lineman Julius Welschof saw his role change multiple times during his Ann Arbor tenure.

He started as a defensive end before bulking up and becoming a defensive tackle.

After seeing a considerable increase in time on the field in 2020,

Welschof saw his role decline in 2021 and he slimmed down to become an edge rusher again.

Yet, his role did not increase. Thus, he opted to transfer following the 2022 season.

On Friday, we learned his destination. Interestingly, the decision was not announced by Welschof,

 but rather his international training group, led by Brandon Collier.

Following Biff Poggi, the assistant head coach the past few years, Welschof has committed to Charlotte.

Poggi took over the Charlotte program in December and is remaking that program in his image.


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