Michigan football defensive front on high alert for TreVeyon Henderson

While perhaps the biggest mismatch for Michigan football in The Game (in a positive way) will be the Wolverine defensive front against the Ohio State offensive line, 

one of the most important keys to stopping the Buckeyes on Saturday will be slowing down running back TreVeyon Henderson.

Henderson missed three games this season due to injury, but has come up big in three of the four games since his return. 

He rushed for 165 yards against Wisconsin, 128 yards against Rutgers, and 146 yards against Minnesota. If Henderson is rolling, it opens up further opportunities for the OSU pass game.

The good news? It’s no secret that he’s a home-run hitter. Sixth-year Michigan linebacker Michael Barrett shared what makes him special, 

but acknowledges that he’s a focal point of the Wolverines’ defensive attack.

“He’s explosive, especially in the open field,” Barrett said. “Have to focus on not letting him get started, let him get going and hit them early, often.

And just trying to get him on the ground, making sure we’re wrapping, violently, bringing our feet and just not missing any tackles. 

Can’t let him get loose. He’s an explosive playmaker, and he can bust a game open if you let him. So it just got to keep him contained.”

The sentiment is shared across the entirety of the Michigan defensive front. Senior Kris Jenkins is more so looking forward to the challenge of facing Henderson,

especially considering he missed The Game last year due to injury.

“Obviously, he’s a dynamic playmaker, dynamic player, great back,” Jenkins said. “He’s able to make big plays in big moments. So, he’s definitely a guy we’re looking forward to playing.”

Even if he does get past the front lines of the maize and blue, Jenkins jokes that the Wolverines have a not-so-secret weapon 

after seeing what one of his teammates was able to do against Kaytron Allen in the Penn State game.

“Not too much,  just focusing on you know, our techniques, our abilities,” Jenkins said. “And you know we got (Kenneth Grant), so he can track him! You just focus in on the Ps and Qs and yeah.”


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