Michigan football pass rush shining early in fall camp

 There are few concerns when it comes to the 2023 Michigan football team in terms of ability, but there are questions. One of the main ones is:

how will the pass rush be after losing Mike Morris to the draft and Eyabi Okie to Charlotte via the transfer portal?

As a result of the personnel changes, the Wolverines are looking to revamp the interior rush —

something the team has been striving for since Mo Hurst left after the 2017 season.

Of course, the team needs a rush from wherever it can get it, and senior EDGE Jaylen Harrell feels like the entire unit is progressing nicely in fall camp.

“As a whole D-line, we’ve been improving greatly as a pass rush,” Harrell said. “Just working together. Just rushing off each other. We’ll see how good we can get. But I think we’ll be alright.”

In order to increase the production of the unit as a whole,

 Harrell says it’s paramount that the ends and the interior linemen do a better job communicating. It’s been an increased focus this offseason and it’s coalescing in camp, too.

“Building that continuity, just playing off each other, feeding off each other,” Harrell said.

 “Last year, sometimes we weren’t on the same page.

Seeing we’re rushing two wide and the quarterback escapes in the middle.

(We’re) just playing off each other and just having that IQ — three tech’s going upfield, you’ve got to come underneath — stuff like that.”

Of course the players responsible for rushing the quarterback are going to be enthusiastic about the job they’re doing five practices in,

 but it speaks more about the unit when they’re garnering praise from those they’re playing against.

When it comes to the interior, the interior offensive linemen will have the best idea of what the inside pass rushers are capable of.

Five practices in, senior right guard Zak Zinter can’t say enough about

 the defensive tackles and why they’re starting to find success beyond what they did last season.


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