Michigan football reveals new necklace as prize for beating Ohio State

Decades ago, it was formulated that when Ohio State beat Michigan,

the players would get a charm of gold pants with the score of the game on them.

 The idea was that the Wolverines put their pants on one leg at a time. But the maize and blue had no reciprocal for when they beat the Buckeyes.

Now Michigan football does, and it’s celebrating the 45-23 win down in Columbus in a cool, modern way.

The official team Twitter account revealed on Friday the necklace and pendant that the players get.

It features the same sword, shovel, and shield insignia that the program has been using behind closed doors dating back to 2016,

but adds the Horseshoe on the back with the score engraved within.

Really, it’s an amazing collector’s piece that’s well deserved by the victors.

 Michigan, including Aaron Bills and the design team, really outdid themselves with this one.


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