Michigan football schedule for 2024 revealed

The Michigan football schedule for 2024 and 2025 was officially released with the Wolverines facing a gauntlet in the new Big Ten.

The new Big Ten schedule with USC and UCLA in the fold required some big changes from the conference.

Out are divisions. In are protected rivals and a flex schedule for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

Michigan has two protected rivals: Ohio State and Michigan State. But the first phase of the new scheduling model has also matched them up with Maryland, who they will play home and away.

The 2024 schedule is particularly tough with Texas on the out of conference schedule with road games against Ohio State and USC.

2024 Michigan football schedule Week 1: vs. Fresno State on 8/31 Week 2: vs. Texas on 9/07

Week 4: vs. Arkansas State on 9/21 TBD: at Illinois TBD: at Ohio State TBD: at Rutgers

TBD: at USC TBD: vs. Maryland

TBD: vs. Michigan State TBD: vs. Minnesota

TBD: vs. UCLA TBD: vs. Wisconsin


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