By the numbers: Quick look at Michigan football vs. TCU

It’s been a historic season for Michigan football.

For the first in program history, the Wolverines have won 13 games. En route to doing so,

Michigan has accomplished three out of four goals so far: beat Michigan State, Ohio State, and win the Big Ten.

In order to accomplish Michigan’s final goal, win the national championship,

it must win two more games. But the first foe the Wolverines will need to get past is TCU.

It’s truly uncharted territory, the Wolverines and Horned Frogs have never faced one another on the gridiron and the first meeting will come in the College Football Playoff.

Both teams were in their respective conference championship, but TCU lost in overtime to Kansas State,

while Michigan defeated Purdue. There are a lot of similarities between the two teams, especially on offense.

Here is the statistical comparison between both Michigan and TCU from an offensive and defensive standpoint.

Offense Scoring Offense: Michigan 7th (40.1 PPG) / TCU 6th (40.3 PPG) Passing Offense: Michigan 93rd (210.5 YPG) / TCU 25th (273 YPG)

Rushing Offense: Michigan 6th (243 YPG) / TCU 25th (200 YPG) Total Offense: Michigan 27th (453.5 YPG) / TCU 16th (473 YPG)

Sacks Allowed: Michigan 16th (13 total sacks) / TCU 54th (23 total sacks) Turnovers Lost: Michigan 3rd (seven lost) / TCU 7th (10 lost)

3rd down conversions: Michigan 16th (46.8% conversion rate) / TCU 52nd (40.2% conversion rate) Red zone offense: Michigan 5th (93.7%) / TCU 80th (81.8%)  

Defense Scoring Defense: Michigan 5th (13.4 PPG) / TCU 57th (25 PPG) Passing Defense: Michigan 22nd (191.8 YPG) / TCU 83rd (235.6 YPG)

Rushing Defense: Michigan 3rd (85.2 YPG) / TCU 64th (149.4 YPG) Total Defense: Michigan 3rd (277.1 YPG) / TCU 74th (385.1 YPG)

Sacks: Michigan 14th (36 total sacks) / TCU 67th (26 total sacks) Turnovers Gained: Michigan 89th (15 gained) / TCU 42nd (19 gained)

Opponent 3rd down conversions: Michigan 20th (32.4%) / TCU 41st (35.2%)

Opponent red zone offense: Michigan 32nd (79.3%) / TCU 76th (84.4%)