Microsoft-Activision deal, BofA fined, Elizabeth Holmes' sentence

Microsoft has gotten a green light from a federal judge to close its Activision-Blizzard acquisition deal.

Bank of America receives a $250 million fine over double-charged fees. Theranos Founder Elizabeth Founder's sentence is shortened, scheduled to be released in 2032.

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Microsoft's deal to acquire Activision Blizzard now one step closer to completion,

a US judge ruling against the Biden administration, saying the FTC did not show the deal would hurt competition in the console for cloud gaming--

for the cloud gaming market. And across the pond, the company's getting a reprieve from UK regulators. They are now going to pause their investigation to allow time to negotiate with Microsoft

- Bank of America the latest bank hit with a major fine over fake accounts, junk fees, and other issues.

The bank set to pay $250 million to settle claims that it double charged customers fees, withheld promised credit card perks, and opened accounts without customer authorization.

- And Elizabeth Holmes is set to be released from prison earlier than expected. She started her 11 year sentence just about six weeks ago. 

According to the Prison Bureau website, she is now set to be released after nine years behind bars. She is now scheduled for release on December 29th, 2032.

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