Most unlikeable Browns team? Finding a left tackle? Deshaun Watson’s impact on free agents? 

As Browns fans see another Super Bowl coming without their team even in the playoffs, they have questions:

Hey, Terry: Had many seasons where the team frustrates or disappoints,

but I’ve never had a season that I didn’t like the team. Until this year. Has there been a more unlikeable squad that you have covered?

The last Browns team that really bothered me was in 2019.

That was all the drama with Odell Beckham Jr., Freddie Kitchens looking overwhelmed and the Myles Garrett brawl on the field in the Pittsburgh game.

The 2021 team was no fun. Baker Mayfield was playing hurt.

 OBJ’s father was sending out videos of his son being open and Mayfield not throwing him the ball.

 Mayfield second-guessed some game plans. Kevin Stefanski couldn’t make the obvious move of resting Mayfield in favor of Case Keenum.

I could go farther back, but I’d need some Tums,

aspirin and professional help to deal with my football mental state by dredging up more bad memories.

They weren’t bad guys, but they were utterly hopeless with a 1-31 record in 2016-17.

This stuff just has to stop for the sake of all those fans who have followed the orange helmets forever.


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