'Mr. Titanic' Paul-Henri Nargeolet Has a Pretty Substantial Net Worth

As one of the five people who are on board the missing Titanic submarine that has gained so much attention recently, many want to know more about Paul-Henri Nargeolet,

who's also known as "Mr. Titanic" because of his expertise on the sunken vessel.

Paul-Henri had made more than 35 dives down to the Titanic wreckage before this one,

in part because his company RMS Titanic, Inc. owns the salvage rights to the vessel.

Paul-Henri's business ventures both through RMS Titanic and through other business ventures,

and given the net worth of some of the other people on board this missing submarine,

many also wanted to know exactly what Paul-Henri's net worth was.

Paul-Henri Nargeolet Research Director, RMS Titanic $1.5 Billion

He is one of five passengers who went missing on a submarine that was supposed to go down to look at the ship's remains.

Birthplace: Chamonix, France Birth name: Paul-Henri Nargeolet

Marriages: Michele Marsh Education: French Navy


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