New Michigan football LB Ernest Hausmann shares thoughts on Ohio State rivalry

Ernest Hausmann gained his first taste of college football last year, but it will be a bit different in his second year.

The linebacker transferred from Nebraska to Michigan football this offseason.

He was touted as being among the best transfers available in the portal this offseason.

 When he arrived in Ann Arbor, one thing was immediately hammered home: It’s all about beating rival Ohio State.

Hausmann told Jon Jansen on the “In The Trenches” podcast that as soon as he got into the building,

everyone let him know what the rivalry was about, and it has him that much more amped up to partake in it.

“I can’t wait. I just hear like, first thing when I came here at Michigan, you just don’t wear red,” Hausmann said. “And you have to get rid of all your red.”

Not wearing red would normally be an adjustment for Hausmann,

 considering his former school has the moniker Big Red and that’s the Huskers’ primary color.

However, he’s all into the go blue life now and is fully embracing his new program.

As far as rivalries are concerned, Hausmann thinks he has some idea what’s in store, having played for Nebraska in the season finale against Iowa.

However, given the height of The Game, perhaps he still doesn’t quite understand how big it is for the Wolverines and Buckeyes.


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