New 'Monday Night Football' song: Marshmello remix of iconic 'Heavy Action' theme debuts in 2022

When you tune in to watch "Monday Night Football" during the 2022 NFL season, you'll be welcomed by a new twist on a familiar tune,

as Grammy-nominated artist Marshmello has created a remix of the long-running franchise's "Heavy Action" theme song.

This remix, which is part of a larger collaboration between Marshmello and ESPN, comes as the crew of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman take over ESPN's "Monday Night Football" broadcast.

Per ESPN, Marshmello will also periodically provide the soundtrack to weekly promotional spots for "Monday Night Football" throughout the 2022 NFL season.

Marshmello succeeds Drake as the latest major artist to serve in the capacity of music curator for Monday night's primetime NFL showcase.

New 'Monday Night Football' song For the 2022 NFL season, Marshmello has put his own stamp on the traditional "Heavy Action" theme song, 

which was composed in 1970 and became part of the intro to "Monday Night Football" in 1975.

Marshmello, who is known for his production of electronic music and his disc jockeying abilities, is the first artist to remix "Heavy Action," and is expected to put a modern twist on the classic song.

The remixed version of "Heavy Action" will debut on Sept. 12 during the first "Monday Night Football" broadcast of the 2022 season,

which pits Russell Wilson and the Broncos against his former team, the Seahawks. According to ESPN creative music director Kevin Wilson, the network's goal "was to take the classic 'Monday Night Football' music and add a contemporary vibe to it."

Original 'Monday Night Football' song YOUTUBE LINK

In case you miss the classic tune or would like to compare it to Marshmello's new offering, listen back to the original rendition of "Heavy Action" composed by Johnny Pearson.

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