NFL fans continue to react to Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen being spotted together

News of Bills QB Josh Allen being spotted with Romeo & Juliet actress Hailee Steinfeld has taken the internet by storm.

The couple were first spotted in New York amid the rumors of Bills QB's breakup with former partner Brittany Williams. Those rumors first began to swirl when Brittany unfollowed Josh Allen on Instagram.

NFL fans are now posting more of their opinions about Allen and Steinfeld. On a subreddit r/WivesofNFL, a post by user u/hokagesarada asked the community an opinion on the two celebs.

While one fan was skeptic on the future of any relationship the two might have, another was quick to defend their possible future.

Initial rumors around Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld received immense backlash from fans The duo of Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen were first spotted in New York City in late May 2023. 

Days later the two were once again spotted at a Sushi Bar, and that set the internet on fire.

Josh Allen received immense criticism from the fans since all of this was happening during the Bills OTAs and also amid a rumored breakup with his ex-partner Brittany Williams.

It all started with Brittany unfollowing the Bills QB on socials and posting cryptic messages on Instagram. Josh Allen and Brittany Williams also attended the Kentucky derby but as separate attendees.

It was there that Williams posted another cryptic message suggesting that she was "accepting husband applications."

While none of the parties have confirmed the breakup, most fans believe the couple are ready to move past their relationship and get ahead with their careers.

Josh Allen has an uphill task ahead in the 2023 NFL Season Josh Allen is one of the top 5 elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

His arm power, running game, and ability to read the defense and dissect them set him apart from the crowd. However, these things don't mean anything from the context of winning.

Josh Allen has taken the Bufallo Bills to the playoffs in the past 4 years but has never taken them past the AFC Championship Game. He is 4-4 in the post season,

which isn't a great stat for a QB of his caliber. In 2022 season, the Bills were the favorites against the conference rivals Bengals in the divisional round, but Joe Burrow sent Josh Allen back home. 

The Bills QB had a poor show, throwing for 264 yards, 1 rushing touchdown and a costly interception. Entering the 2023 season, the Bills QB is fresh and healthy. 

He has recovered from his elbow injury and is looking to get the ball rolling. He spoke about bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Buffalo:

“I so badly want to bring a Super Bowl here to Buffalo and I just don’t want anything to get in the way of allowing me to be the best quarterback that I can be for this team.”

With MVP expectations on the QB, Josh Allen will be hoping to take the Bills past a tough AFC and eventually finish the job.


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