NFL coach 'not sure' Bills' Josh Allen can consistently win as a passer

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been one of the best at his position ever since he came onto the scene in the 2020 season.

That year culminated in in his first Pro Bowl. Now, going into his third season since making that initial Pro Bowl (fifth season overall),

Allen and the Bills have high expectations for what the 2023 season will be for them.

Recently, in a survey done by The Athletic, 50 coaches and executives to ranked the league’s quarterbacks into tiers.

While guys like Kansas City Chiefs signal caller Patrick Mahomes and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow comfortably ranked in tier 1, there were some that ranked Allen in the second tier.

For context, tier 2 QBs are those who “can carry their team to victory sometimes, but not as consistently” as those in tier 1.

While Allen has not yet led Buffalo to the Super Bowl in his five seasons as the starting QB,

he is still widely regarded as one of the best in the league due to his combination of passing and running that makes him one of the hardest players to defend.

With that being said, there will always be some who are skeptical. Here’s why one defensive coordinator put Allen in tier 2 as part of the survey:

“I’m not sure he (Allen) can win you a game as a dropback passer consistently, which is part of the Tier 1 description.

I think Allen, Lamar (Jackson) and Jalen (Hurts) all fit into that high Tier 2 category. The running is a weapon, but if you are down two scores or 10 points, you might have an issue.”


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